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No puzzle gets solved without exploring, experimenting, and connecting the pieces until it clicks.

What I Do

Clarify Chaos.
Synthesize Solutions.
Maximize Monetization.

15 years of hands-on experience in defining strategies for commercial growth, monetization and pricing. My approach is straightforward, pragmatic and results-driven. No frills, no grand claims, just down-to-earth guidance that helps businesses thrive.

A commitment to simplicity, focusing on the essential elements that drive startup success. My approach is not just about providing capital; it’s about cultivating partnerships, offering guidance, and steering startups towards profitable, sustainable growth.

Over 10 years of leadership experience in driving commercial excellence and growth. My approach is rooted in transparency, accountability, and data-driven decision-making. No buzzwords, no empty promises, just effective leadership that propels organizations forward.

The only source of knowledge

Years of experience
Client projects

It’s not what you say,
it’s what others say about you.

When we worked together during projects, he was like a mentor to me and he took the time to personally coach me. He shows respect, listens and stands up for others. This, and the fact that he allocates the right amount of time to the right activities, make him a competent leader.

Robin is a true example of a leader that helps others develop. He is able to create an atmosphere in which people excel, among others by actively coaching and providing feedback. Robin has a great amount of experience in a broad range of topics, which enables him to help businesses grow. He is well capable of incorporating his passion for innovation and technology into his work, which sparks creative problem-solving within teams. I would highly recommended anyone to team up with Robin whenever the opportunity arises!

Robin is a highly talented consultant with strong business sense and creative conceptual skills. He has the ability to quickly get to the core of challenges and develop pragmatic solutions. Robin is a great team builder with calm coaching skills. All in all, a true asset to your team.

I’ve worked with Robin for almost 3 years whilst he headed the pricing and packaging team at the Motors CoE. He was the consumate professional with invaluable insights on PnP. My team and I in South Africa used him as a sounding board for our own PnP strategy and found his input to be insightful and relevant.

Robin is one of those special guys. Always there when projects are well thought out, run smooth and are fun to work on. He’s highly intelligent, engaging, brave, has high standards and is challenging in just the right way. On top of that he’s a really nice guy that people like to work with. I can highly recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future.

I worked with Robin on key strategy and pricing projects. He is smart, organised and a really nice person. I highly recommend Robin.

I worked with Robin for several years, albeit from the other side of the world in Australia.
Robin was always extremely thorough and insightful with his work and overly accommodating to get the best outcome for the business.
More importantly, Robin was just a great guy to work with.

I had the pleasure of working with Robin on several projects. And it was a pleasure, both from a personal and a business perspective. Robin is the kind of person that you just connect with instantly, and where you quickly build trust. Which both are essential when working on projects together, at least in my book. He is a very skilled pricing professional who has brought many good insights to our business. At the same time very focused on what works in real life and not just in a powerpoint deck. Hope that our paths cross again one day.

Robin worked on projects with me in the USA and in Australia; I trust him 100%, Robin works thoroughly, involves all stakeholders, and I just know he will deliver the best analysis and recommendations. And on top of that, it is always fun to work with Robin. Thanks Robin for having worked with me!