Robin Chu is a Manager at the Simon-Kucher & Partners – globally renowned strategy consulting firm focused on strategy, marketing, pricing and sales, with 900 employees in 33 offices worldwide. Prior to Simon-Kucher & Partners, Robin worked as Senior Strategy & Innovation Consultant at Capgemini Consulting. He holds Master’s degrees in Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management. Robin specializes in commercial and innovation growth strategy and is particularly passionate about new proposition strategies. He specifically focuses on business and monetization model innovation, reinvention and optimization to enable maximum value capture and commercial growth.

Besides strategy consulting, Robin is an entrepreneur in product development, manufacturing, import and sales.


Evolution of Innovation Management: New Ways for Innovations in an International Context (Palgrave MacMillan)

Author of chapter “Creating an Environment for Successful Innovation – A Management Consultant’s Perspective”.

Revolutions in Innovation (Palgrave MacMillan)

Author of chapter “Business Model Revolution – Four Cases of the Fastest Growing Firms of the 21st Century”.

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