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Facebook bought Whatsapp not for its global reach but for “eyeball time”
Facebook announced their acquisition of 55-employees-strong messaging firm Whatsapp for $19 billion in cash. How does Whatsapp complement or extend [...]
How the French are attempting to stop the inevitable in business model innovation
Couple of months ago, the French government pleaded to install a new tax on tablets and smartphones to fund culture. Now, the French government have turned [...]
We’re getting more innovative, but are there restrictions in patent grants?
We’re getting more innovative, but are there restrictions in patent grants? Based on data from WIPO, there’s a clear increase in patent [...]
What if energy is free tomorrow?
What if energy is free tomorrow?
When will the majority of consumers drive electric cars?
What withholds us from all buying an electric car? Some levers to turn to enable mass electrical driving: Action radius – Do electric cars need to be [...]
How a new telecom provider changes the rules
Since I have a corporate phone plan, I do not have to deal with selecting the best one out of a huge group of providers with complicated pricing plans. The [...]
Why Philips’ new light bulb’s pricing strategy is wrong
Philips just launched a new light bulb that will last for 20 years. Downside is that it costs 60 dollars. At first sight this price may not seem that high, [...]
How a game of chess relates to competitive strategy
Chess is a beautiful game. Why is it beautiful you ask? Is it because of the nicely hand-carved pieces you sometimes find? Or is it because of its origin, [...]
Why J.C. Penney’s everyday low prices is a bad idea
Ron Johnson – new CEO of J.C. Penney – has announced that the department store chain will carry a new pricing strategy. Instead of numerous [...]
4 Reasons why a Dutch telecom provider may beat its competitors by partnering up
A Dutch telecom provider has announced to reduce prices of mobile contracts in a time where all the other players are increasing prices due to changing [...]